Ok…. so i really want to keep a regular blog but writing long and consistent entries seems daunting. Actually, the most daunting thing is having to stay on topic for one entry or at least segue neatly into the next thought. (I just asked Justin how to spell segue and he asked if I meant the one that you drive off the cliff.) I feel like I have plenty of interesting things to say or report that will hopefully make the world a better place. All that being said, my blog is going to (probably) consist of a bunch of thoughts in a list format with some kind of inspiring picture at the top that may or may not have anything to do with the list. And since it is my blog I am not going to worry about grammar or punctuation. Take that all you retired English teachers….that happen to be reading my blog.

  • Today was Eva’s star student day at school. After we talked about her for awhile the kids got to ask us questions. We had some good ones like what’s your favorite food, the funniest thing Eva has ever done, funniest thing the twins have done, what is your favorite thing to create, and then some little boy said his mom has the same hair color as me and added “What color is your hair anyway?” Love first graders!
  • I cannot believe hospitals can discharge people when they have a fever or that they consider someone who keeps seeing his granddaughter in his room is competent. I guess competent and crazy have nothing to do with one another?
  • Everyone should have a zipcar account so when you lose your ability to drive you can still rent a car until your count expires.
  • Ethan wore his pants backwards all day.

See, how on earth can you segue between any of those topics and why would you even want to?

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