A couple of questions

So I have been thinking about a couple of things I want to blog about. But this crazy weather that our county is pretending we had is keeping my kids at home and not giving me the time I need to write. But tonight my mind is obsessed with two questions and they are not the fun/cutesy things I had intended to write about.
Here’s the first question – why is anyone talking about Sarah Palin? In case you haven’t noticed I am a huge democrat and part of me would love to slap a Palin sticker on my car because I am confident that if she is the republican nominee Obama will win. But seriously, we are spending way too much time focusing on a lady who camps with Kate and her 8. The best thing for our country and for women is to have a republican candidate who can hang with Obama. I think we can all agree SHE cannot hang with many. I would love to be learning more about why people from both parties wanted to sit down with their Congresswoman Gabby Gifford and what made her so special that they felt like they could talk to her and she would listen because that is not a quality that most of our politicians posses. Let’s take her out of the national picture.
Which in a roundabout way brings me to my next question – what is wrong with our news coverage? I think that most of what is on the news channels doesn’t qualify as anything close to news. Olbermann and Beck do not tell us anything newsworthy. All of the sudden peoples opinions are deemed news. We don’t watch the local news because it tends to scare my children. Lots of stories about horrific crimes or accidents. When the news isn’t scaring us it is telling us to prepare for a storm that may or may not bring a flake or two. (can you tell I am a little bitter about our weather?). Those of us that watch MSNBC or Fox all of the time are not learning about important world issues we are Having thoughts stuffed into our brains instead of hearing a story and thinking about it for ourselves. I used to watch MSNBC all of the time but now I read my news and when I am interested in a story I research it and learn about it from all angles. It kind of seems like our news serves the same purpose as a blog.
I am surrounded by republicans – I live in the South remember. I go to the polls with my Republican friends and we cancel each other out and then wonder why we didn’t just go have a coffee or a beer. But we are Americans and we have different opinions. Some of us like stripes and others think they make us look fat. Some of us listen to country music and the rest of us have taste….just kidding. But my point is that I love surrounding myself with people with different opinions. I love hearing other sides of the issue and having a friendly little spar about it. It makes me a better person.
All of that being said….. Sarah Palin and our news channels do nothing to make us better people.

One comment on “A couple of questions

  1. Marlene Meade on said:

    I totally agree about Sarah Palin. Not only is she not qualified to lead this country, she likes to stir things up. She is a mean spirited person, very good at spreading hate. Didn’t know you were a Dem. too, you need to join my liberal ladies group!

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