Running with Angels

Running kind of sucks.  It hurts.  It always has.  When I finished the half marathon last year I couldn’t bend down for a week and stopped exercising altogether for about a month.  I started up again during the summer.  I was out for a run at the river and saw a man die.  He had just finished his run and had a heart attack near his car.  It was hot. One of those yucky Virginia days and although it was early it was still hot.  I couldn’t get him out of my mind.  I thought about him through the fall and wasn’t ready to get back into it until this December.  I started running seriously after my dad died.  He was a serious runner in his early days. He used to run on the beach at our summer house.  He always had the newest running shoes.  But when he ran on the beach he left them on the sand next to the boardwalk so he could run barefoot.  Once he was running with his friend Barry and when they returned their shoes were gone.  They drove home barefoot but on the way they found a couple of kids hitch hiking.  The kids had their shoes on.  My dad picked them up, scared the crap out of them and got his shoes back.

So when I run I feel like I am running with angels – the man I saw die at the river and my dad.  I feel like they are carrying me through and helping me go just a little further and a little faster.  That made this week so much harder for me.  I have been having foot pain that was so bad I didn’t even want to shopping.  I finally decided to go to a doctor and he recommended I stop running because a surgery I  had 21 years ago left both of my feet ‘unrunnable.’  Immediately I felt like it was the universe disconnecting me from my dad yet again.  But maybe the universe really gave me some valuable time to try to understand what my dad loved so much about running and that made me understand my dad as a whole much better.

I’ve taken up hula-hooping in the last few days.  The universe might be sending me another message as I have bruises all around my hips and abdomen from the damn thing.  The message I am receiving is “Sit on your butt with bon bons and a bud light.”

I know this picture has nothing to do with this post but I still love it!

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