These are some things I was told in my house this week:

  • “Justin Bieber touched his puberty and had to go to jail.” Eva, 6
  • “Your dinner tastes like farts!” A very purple 3 year old, Gigs
  • “I’m not old enough to date girls, right.” Alex, 11

And these are just some of the statements that stand out. My poor friend, Lisa, had to explain puberty to Eva (because she told her about Justin Bieber first!).  I had to tell Gigs farts was not an appropriate word ESPECIALLY if it was directed towards my dinner – please hold your comments those of you that know me well!  And I had to tell Alex he couldn’t laugh and encourage her even though I wanted to crack up because she was so intense.  Finally, how am I even old enough to have a child who is contemplating dating?  I am still that kid who liked to imitate bacon and loved to tell the drive thru girl at McDonalds my oder was to go.   And now this vegan bacon imitating girl is raising four kids……and loving every single minute of it even if I am scared that they may duct tape me to the ceiling anyday now.

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