The Universe

So it’s Friday!  I love Fridays.  All of my kids are at school.  I have 2 1/2 hours free.  I was planning on meeting Lisa to do a little clothes shopping later.  I had a private yoga session scheduled.  This wonderful yogi was going to help me stretch out my achy Achilles and give me an at home yoga routine.  Then of course this evening is happy hour time.  Nice day filled with friends, shopping, exercise and maybe even a chai.

But, I got in my car to take the twins to school and it wouldn’t start.  Called my go to gal and borrowed her car so I could drop the twins off.  Because apparently I am so desperate to get them to school that I don’t even have to know how i am going to get them home.  Or maybe I just know that I have so many fabulous people that will come to my aid and pick them up for me if need be. Anyway, back to the story.  Justin came home to jump the car and it wouldn’t jump.  Won’t even turn over.  So now I am waiting for AAA to come and help. (I’m not confident that they will get here quickly though. They asked Justin what he tried to jump the car with.  What do they think?  The neighbors cat?!?!?)

I called my personal yogi and told her I would have to cancel our session.  She said that the universe must be trying to tell me to relax.  And I quickly replied that that is what I was going to try to do with her.

But I do wonder what the universe is trying to tell me.  I run and I feel like someone is sticking nails through my feet.  I hula hoop and I get bruises all over. I try to find some zen and my car won’t start.  So once again the message I am getting is bon bons and bud light.  It’s coming through loud and clear.  Thanks Universe!  And this is what the rest of you will get to look at if the message isn’t changed……  (Got to love fatbooth!)

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