What I am wishing for

So all four of my kids are playing sports right now. That means a minimum of four practices and games each week. That means clean or gently used ( I know it’s gross but if I can’t find another pair of clean soccer shorts for the girls I make them switch after their game. Seriously, how much does a four year old sweat?) uniforms each week. One would think Alex’s Texas orange baseball socks would be the easiest things to find but apparently they are the easiest things to lose. And since they are Texas orange they are the hardest things to replace.

But the laundry dilemma is minor compared to the rest. Carpooling is mandatory as cloning myself will not be enough help in most situations. Dinner is impossible to eat together and has to be something that is easily warmed up at least twice after it has been served. Just as soon as I get the clothes, rides and food figured out a wrench is thrown into the equation from somewhere unexpected.

I was not much of an athlete growing up. (not much is an understatement!) So running around to games and all this is foreign to me. Most of the time I wonder why we are even doing it to begin with. I managed to get into a pretty decent college and have done just fine without sports. (That picture of me on an earlier post is from fatbooth. I really don’t weigh that much!)

But then I find myself wishing for rain or a flooded field so a game will be canceled. And I think about why I really want a game to not take place after we have spent all of this time and money getting there. It’s not because I would rather be home sitting on the couch or at Starbucks having a nice hot chai. It’s because I have to make a choice. A choice between which child I want to watch. With games at 10,11, 1 and 2 this weekend all an hour away from each other I am forced to miss at least one of my kids run on the field with a huge smile. I am forced to miss someone try their hardest even if they never make contact with the ball. And I am forced to miss someone sneak a peak at me from the bench or sidelines looking for a smile or a thumbs up. And then I remember why we are running around to all of these crazy games, it’s because they make us all smile but I don’t want to choose which smile I get to see. I want to see them all.

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