I remember

I remember staring at the clock and Grandpa getting me ice cream the day we picked Dave up from the hospital.  I remember watching Dad scratch his head as I sat on the dining room table next to his huge pile of law books.  I remember the the conversation he had with Mom about Dave and I  needing to know how to use all the utensils at a place setting when I was about five years old.  I remember asking Ethan, last night, to please stop eating like the dog.  I remember watching a movie about divorced parents and the dad tried to kidnap the little girl so he could see her more often.  I remember checking the old lock on my window each night before I went to bed.  I remember begging my dad to come and take me to his house so I wouldn’t have a curfew.  I remember when Grandma and Grandpa were babysitting for me because Mom and Dad were in Jamaica and the guy in line at the grocery store told my grandpa that Son of Sam was looking for girls with my color hair.  I remember my grandpa calling him a screwball.  I remember pulling my robins egg blue comforter around my now multicolored hair last night before I drifted off to sleep.  I remember finding Eva next to me this morning swallowed up by the same comforter and I was relieved that I couldn’t see her hair.  I remember when Mom and Dad came back from their trip to Jamaica and Dad had a cast on his arm.  I remember they were together.  I remember that Mom was not happy about how Dad got the cast on his arm.  I remember the night Justin and I came home to our apartment in Chicago and heard a message from my Dad that he had fallen in a manhole in Colombia and broken his arm and his leg.  I remember thinking there was a pattern.  I remember buying a dress for Dad’s wedding and Justin said sky’s the limit.  I remember reminding him it was my Dad’s fourth wedding.  I remember thinking my life is full of patterns.

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