I’m worried about our dog.  I found him in our front yard wandering around aimlessly today and yesterday.  When I called him he really had no idea who I was and he had no clue where he was.  I think he must have dementia.  He can’t really see well or hear well.  And I’m nervous……

I’m nervous that he will die soon.  He’s 14 and two of my four kids adore him.  The other two love him but Ethan and Eva can’t get enough of him.  Chip waits for Eva to come downstairs everyday.  Ethan hugs Chip more than he has ever been hugged in his long life.   If Ethan could wear Chip in a Baby Bjorn type device I think he would.  We need to get a new puppy but I am nervous….

I’m nervous because Justin and I have terrible luck with dogs.  Our first puppy, Sierra, was a german shepherd. She was a beautiful puppy who looked just like the dog I had as a child, Driest.  We picked Sierra out of a litter and took her home with us 9 short months after we married.  We took her to the farmer’s market on Armitage Ave in Chicago and doted on her like she was our first child.  She got sick—-very sick.  We took her to the vet.  She was so sick that the vet wanted us to take her to the emergency clinic overnight to make sure she lived.  We got a cab and took our puppy attached to ivs to the emergency clinic.  Sierra survived but it was touch and go for a week and we spent all of our wedding money on her care.

We found a buddy for Sierra three years later when we moved to Richmond, Charlie…Charlie Farley.  Charlie Farley was a bassett.  An affectionate bassett who was left at the pound without any explanation.  An affectionate bassett who had seizures that lasted 12 hours.  We sent stem cell samples to Cornell.  There was nothing we could do and he had to be put down.  Apparently another family had realized that and decided they couldn’t put him down so they took him to the shelter during the night.

Sierra ended up biting my mom (pretty hard) and had to be sent to a farm.  Literally we found her a farm to live on where she could run and no one had to worry about her aggressive tendencies.  It was devastating but we worked with a dog behaviorist that said we could not get rid of that mean streak and with kids in the house that was dangerous.

That brings us to Chip and Boomer – two incredible terrier mutt brothers that we adopted from the SPCA.  They were 7.  From day one they were incredible dogs.  We felt so lucky.  Why had anyone put them into the SPCA?  We were thrilled and still kind of are.  Boomer became paralyzed about 9 months after we adopted him.  We took both dogs to the vet so we could go to my brother’s wedding.  When we came back Boomer was paralyzed from the mid back down.  We took him home and tried to care for him.  We worked with the most caring vet in the world.  He couldn’t control going to the bathroom (Boomer not the vet).  And he got sad.  He didn’t want to lift his head to see us or drag himself over to his brother.  Eventually, Boomer passed away.

So I am sad and nervous when I see Chip acting so funny.  We have bad luck and that is abundantly clear.


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  1. Jenni Combs-Pokrywka on said:

    Oh, Julie! I am so sorry you are going through all of this right now. Being a pet parent just sucks sometimes….there is no other way to put it! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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