The Brady Bunch

We bought the first season of The Brady Bunch for the kids to watch on the way to Pittsburgh. We broke it open a little early because the kids-cousins included- needed to chill after a lightning speed egg dyeing session. Just an aside, one of the egg dyes came with a white crayon to do a little wax relief dyeing on the eggs. I wrote my name on an egg and quickly put it in the dye and pretended to get super excited that the egg randomly said mom. I did the same for Eva, Mollie, Gigi, Ethan and patrick. They were convinced the dye was magic and it was so cute to see the innocence sparkle in their eyes. It was also fun to watch them discover the secret.

Anyway, back to The Brady Bunch… I wasn’t sure what to expect when I put it on. We had an 11 year old, 7 year old, 6 year old and three 4 year olds. Could we actually find something for them all to watch? Right now we are on episode number four and the girls are making predictions and Alex actually asked me to turn it back on.

The lines are classic. Alice was feeling unwanted and decided she needed to leave. Mrs. Brady crawled into the bed in the light blue bedroom with her full silk and tafeta nightgown. She said Alice couldn’t leave. They just wouldn’t let her. Mr. Brady said “we can’t make her stay. Abraham Lincoln took care of that.”. Another one, Mrs. Brady just told the girls you fill out not up.

My mom used to reward me with watching the show. If I didn’t fuss about going to dance class I could stay up and watch the show. I stopped fussing really quickly.

The humor is rather innocent and I actually love one of Carol’s dresses. I can’t wait to catch up o. All of the episodes. I can’t wait till Davey Jones shows up. Do you have a favorite?

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