I guess

I guess I am the kind of mom who can handle lots of different things. I can handle getting myself ready, four kids set to swim, hotel room packed up and everyone changed again and fed by 9:00. It all seems like a no brainer.

I guess I am the kind of mom who can handle driving in the Honda pukemobile for six hours before she finally decides we cannot stop for one more puking incident. We must suffer through the last forty miles as we are out of clothes and towels. Wendy’s yellow napkins are quickly passed back to child number four so he can at least wipe his mouth.

I guess I am the kind of mom who doesn’t really freak out when she goes to do the Easter bunny duties and realizes one of the four paint your own garden gnome boxes is empty. One of the four kids will understand and target is sure to be open for a few hours tomorrow.

But maybe I’m not just that kind of mom. Maybe I am that kind of person. The cleaners ruined my wedding dress and I found out while I was getting my nails done that my dad was scouring South Bend for tailors that would stay up all night and fix it. Someone told me right before I left for the church that the guy who was supposed to do the first reading was in jail. Then when I went to walk down the aisle I put my gloves on and realized I had two left handed gloves. (if you look really close at my wedding picture you can see a random empty glove thumb dangling down.) Everyone thought I would crack but I didn’t.

They say God gives you what you can handle and I keep thinking he’s testing me but surely I have passed the test thus far. Really, after all of the other little things did he need to put my hotel next to a train yard with horn happy conductors. Ok I get it. Life will throw me curve balls but I know how to curve with them.

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  1. maria kuscsik on said:

    Julie, I love reading your blogs! They somehow make me feel so much better when I am having a crappy day and am feeling sorry for myself :)

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