Livin’ the Dream

Sometimes I forget that I am livin’ the dream.  When I get a call from my friend while I am making dinner before I rush out to take Eva to art telling me that Ethan has just squeezed an egg full of vinegar and yolk into his eye (don’t ask), it is easy to momentarily forget about the dream I am living.  I do get stressed out about all of the things I need to do or places I need to be and I forget that all of those things are ‘happy’ stressors.  I live a comfortable life and don’t have to worry about the basic needs of my family being met.  I am living a dream.

14 years ago, Stacey and I wrote little essays about where we envisioned ourselves in ten years.  I imagined I would have one child and she would play in our garden as I wrote magazine articles in my Adirondack chair in the yard.  Some parts of my dream have come true several times over….the kids.  I do have a garden but I am still missing that Adirondack chair.

I want to fulfill that dream….I want to be a writer.  I want to be a published writer.  And in my mind I define being published in a very traditional way.  Writing is my passion.  I have wanted to be a writer since I was in Ms. Cuccuorillo’s ninth grade English class.  I want to write words with an honesty that may sometimes be unbecoming.  I want to create sentences that travel straight from your brain and into your heart.

So I am sharing my dream and my passion with you, my writing.  I love comments.  I love the emails you send me.  I love the encouragement.  I want to hear it all.  I even want to hear what you don’t like.  And hopefully my dream will come true and I will be a published author and I will finally get that Adirondack chair.

2 comments on “Livin’ the Dream

  1. You so deserve that Adirondack chair and your written words always go straight to my heart!

  2. Lisa Mills Horton on said:

    Yeah….the vinegar and egg incident…well, that was at my house. Again… don’t ask!!! Love the writing Julie!

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