Wake up in the mornin’ feeling like P Diddy

Or at least I woke up feeling like P Diddy would if he was a mom of four, had to make lunches and went to bed early for him but late for this mom.  (The twins sing Tick Tock  all the time because of the Wimpy Kid commercials and it gets stuck in my head.) Ok back to my morning.  I got up put on my glasses and slid into my flip flops and went down to make lunch for my brood.  When I grabbed two slices of American cheese I noticed that it was stuck to the wrapper.  It had melted.  I checked the fridge again and realized the milk was hot – not warm but hot.  Even the butter melted all over its little compartment.  A few months ago an object or person broke the light switch and we have had issues with it ever since.  Justin thought he had it all fixed but….he was wrong.  The lights must have come on during the night and heated everything up.  The butternut squash I bought yesterday was fragrant to say the least.  So I spent the first part of the morning throwing everything out save the jelly and the barbecue sauce.  Let me tell you that is not the perfect way to start your morning.

Next up was a trip to the vet after I put two kids on the bus.  The twins and I took Chip for a check up so the vet could look at the lump that is growing on his head.  We walked in and I greeted a friend who was there with her two puppies and Chip took the opportunity to poop all over the lobby.  4 times….not once….4 times.  We went into see the vet and we discussed a lot of options for Chip.  The bottomline is that he is approximately 15 (We adopted him from the SPCA and really don’t know his exact DOB.).   The vet suggested Prozac and I gasped.  I gasped because I thought he was referring to me and I thought how discombobulated could I possibly look for my vet to recommend Prozac.  He obviously realized what I thought and clarified that it was for Chip.  Justin and I need to figure out what to do.  Is giving prozac to our 100+ year old dog the answer?  Certainly it is if his owner and main caretaker can steal some anytime she would like!

I’m hoping the day can only get better.  Gigs just came in and asked me if she could fingerpaint and I am SURE that is not the answer to making this day get better.

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