Crazy + Crazy does not equal Crazier

I may regret saying this but if your life is crazy and you add a little more crazy somehow your life doesn’t get crazier.   At least it seems to be true of late here.  Life was pretty calm in the Farley house when the twins arrived.  And that changed very quickly.  With a 7 year old and a 3 year old your life can settle into a routine.  Of course every child has his or her moments but things can be predictable.  You can also play man to man defense most of the time with two kids.  Now, we are outnumbered when one parent is here and when two parents are here. With four there is just more – more food to fix, more laundry and more activities.  (I do realize though that there is more LOVE which is something I cannot imagine my life without.)

So since we have more with four I decided we needed a puppy.  I made this decision at Christmastime and Justin was a bit hesitant.  He didn’t want to give the kids a dog as a gift.  We thought about giving Eva one for her birthday and that didn’t seem right because it would imply it was just her dog.  I wanted the Easter Bunny to bring a dog but that didn’t work with our spring break travels.  So….I said I wanted one for my birthday.

I thought we needed a labradoodle and Justin was convinced we needed a shih tzu. (Yes, my 6 foot 3 inch husband wanted a shih tzu!?!??!)  Justin did some research and found the aussiedoodle which seemed like a pretty good compromise.  One morning I emailed a breeder about an aussiedoodle that was listed as sold and by that evening I had that dog because she wasn’t really sold.  And the rest is history.  Coco is a full fledged member of the Farley family and I don’t think any of us – even Chip – could imagine life without her.

Ethan has found a constant playmate.  Thank goodness she is good sized and will be about 55 lbs because his love can hurt.  When Coco lies under the table, Ethan lies under the table.  When Coco goes outside, Ethan goes outside.  They love each other to pieces (hopefully not literally) already.

So adding crazy to this crazy mix has kept some of the existing crazy busy.  Ethan has as much energy as you would expect from a four year old boy and now he has someone to run around with for countless hours in the backyard.  Coco has puppy energy, although not as much as some puppies and Ethan occupies her frenetic moments.  All that being said I will review my profound formula……

Calm + Crazy = CRAZY

Crazy + Crazy = Happy

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