Should have known it was almost a full moon

I was nervous and excited this morning about a meeting with a new friend. We are working on a blog idea and I have the perfect amount of excitement and nerves about it. I got up with Coco and worked out and then began the task of making it look like four children did not fly through the kitchen looking for breakfast and packed lunches. Eva didn’t want to wake up. I carried her downstairs and she fell back to sleep on the couch. The twins stole the marshmallow fluff and ate several spoonfuls(I found out when we got to the doctor’s office that most of the fluff was in Gigi’s hair.). Eva had a fever and one of the tick bites on her scalp was all swollen so I called the doctor and she said to come right in. So I canceled the meeting that I had been anxiously awaiting. Dr. Wilson was concerned that Eva was exhibiting the symptoms of Lyme Disease so we are treating her accordingly.

When we finally got home after a very long wait for antibiotics the twins were ready to play by themselves. They set up a store with everything in one of the toy cabinets. They displayed all of their wares on the couches and took turns being the customer. I wish they hadn’t displayed a puzzle without its box top because Chip jumped right into it and knocked the pieces everywhere. In the meantime the toilet in the half bath overflowed on my shoes but first spit some of its contents all over my cheeks. I’m not sure what had been flushed down the toilet or even if it had been flushed lately.

After taking care of that mess I welcomed Alex home from school. He has asked that I not be on the phone, working out or in the shower when he arrives. I’m contemplating meeting him at the bus stop in a little apron with a plate of warm cookies and milk one of these days. Anyway, I had to take Coco out shortly after he got home. The twins came with me and unbeknownst to me they knocked the wood pole down that locks the sliding glass door. So when Coco had a dead baby bird in her mouth and I needed a plastic bag to pick it up with I could not get in the house. I banged on the door and threatened to ground Alex if he didn’t come quickly. The baby bird felt just like a bunch of raw oysters as I placed it in the bag. It even leaked a bit of slimy goo for me.

Eva stayed on the couch or on my lap all day. The doctor called after hours and wanted to know how she was and then told me what to do if I noticed any changes. I know she was just checking up on her patient but I suddenly felt nervous when I realized she was still worried about Eva as well. While I was on the phone the twins discovered some pencil sharpeners and worked very hard to spread pencil shavings all over the kitchen. Gigi did try to sweep it all into the dustpan but Coco loves brooms and made it very difficult for her.

As I was sneaking out to book club and hopefully a quick glass of wine, Gigi told me that her love for me gets smaller whenever she goes to sleep. Fabulous I thought, I won’t count on her to change my Depends.

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