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Dear Jenni,

Ok…so I have been trying your “I GET” idea all day.  I think it is a valid point.  We live lives of luxury – not always just in the monetary sense but in many different ways.  The things that stress us out are problems that many people would love to have.  But, here is what happened when I applied I GET to my day.

The twins had a playdate.  Their best buddies in school are a set of boy/girl twins.  They play so nicely together and it actually allows me to get a few things done without turning on the t.v.  We walked down to the park with Coco, our new puppy, and a handful of snacks.  Three of the kids had not even gone down a slide yet when one of them came up to me and said she had to go to the bathroom.  Fabulous, I GET to leave the park within minutes of arriving with four four year olds.

It was my turn to drive to baseball tonight so I loaded my four up and went to pick up the other two that we carpool with.  When we arrived at the field I tried to call Justin and realized my phone was dead.  It wouldn’t turn on and wouldn’t even acknowledge the charge.  Fabulous, now I GET to spend an hour on the computer trying to reset my iPhone.

The twins fell asleep in the car and were totally grumpy when I tried to get them up as soon as we arrived home.  The Schwann’s man was at the door and I thought if I bought some ice cream cones for after dinner they would leave the car with fewer tears.  It worked and I ran into get my checkbook.  As I took the new box of checks out of the cabinet I bumped a bottle of OPI light blue nail polish.  (The bottle wasn’t full because Ethan had already emptied half of it onto the front staircase last year but that is why all the nail polish is stored on the second shelf of a tall cabinet.) The bottle broke all over the wood floor splashing my favorite black workout pants(the ones that shape your tummy and butt), staining my new black FitFlops and ruining the pedicure that I was lucky enough to GET this morning with a giftcard from Justin.  Fabulous, now I GET to wash the floor, my pants and my shoes before the nail polish dries and before the ice cream cones that were now sitting on the counter melt.

Next up was making dinner and preparing for another indulgence. (You know me well enough to realize I don’t usually do these things for myself….don’t you!?!?) A friend gave me a giftcard for a spray tan and I decided to try it before the weekend in hopes that it would cover up some of the flaws that seem to be growing each day.  I was nervous because now I GET to stand with only a pair of underwear on while a woman sprays me with a hose filled with tanning lotion.  Sounds weird but it actually was fun even though I felt like my fatbooth picture the whole time.  It wasn’t until she was done that I realized my underwear was on inside out.

So I got to do a lot of things today.  Many of them left me looking for that silver lining.  I feel like I am always walking on a balance beam and it is easy to teeter over to the complaining side.  But almost everytime I am about to fall, something happens and I am able to right myself and continue on with a smile.  For instance, I just ran outside to take Coco out and I peered into my transom windows in the family room.  I could see the corner of one of my favorite mirrors that makes me remember the day Justin and I picked them out at Pier 1 for our first house almost 13 years ago.  I could see the lily pictures that Justin painted hanging in the hallway of the second floor. And then I saw the steps leading up to the guest room and Justin’s studio on the third floor.  It all looked beautiful and I couldn’t see the blue nail polish or the pee stains but I could see Alex as he came out of his bathroom from a bath.  And I thought, I am so lucky that I GET to walk back into this house and be with the people I love more than anything in the world.

Thank you!  I feel lucky that I GET to call you a friend.



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