I drink my calories

I was sitting at a baseball game a few weeks ago with the other moms and I desperately needed a fountain Coke.  One of the moms said that she doesn’t drink her calories unless of course it is a glass of wine.  I’ve thought and thought about it and I can’t get the idea out of my mind.  Part of the reason I can’t forget about it is that I think that it is a great idea but I can’t do it…….I won’t do it.

I can give up cheese, milk or any dairy products.  I can easily give up meat since other than a bit of chicken once a month I don’t really have any.  Well, I guess that’s not true.  Sometimes there is no replacement for a cheeseburger.  And on holidays there isn’t anything better than a spiral cut ham.  And, well, I live in the South so I am obliged to have barbecue every once and awhile.  Honestly, 90% of my meals are vegan – usually.  And as my friend Caryn said, that makes me a fegan.

Anyway, back to my point. I don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about my food as I do about my drinks.  I used to (three months ago) be a Mountain Dew addict.  I could not even begin to make a lunch or let out a dog or talk to a child if I had not had my Dew.  Ethan was notorious for collecting my Dew for me each morning from the garage.  9 times out of 10 he bounced it down the garage steps before he gave it to me.  Then one day I ran out and instead of having Justin make an emergency trip to the Shell station I decided to stop drinking it.  Just like that and I haven’t looked back.  I consumed pints of green tea instead and was determined not to replace one bad habit with another.

Everyday I have a chai.  During my dew days I would have a chai later in the afternoon and if I couldn’t get to Starbucks I would have another Mountain Dew.  But ever since I have given up the dew I have had to have a chai earlier in the day.  I make a homemade banana mango smoothie everyday for all 5 of us(Justin has gone to work by that point) and I always hope that will replace the need for caffeine.  But it doesn’t.  I can survive until about 11 am before I am forced to find the nearest Starbucks – preferably a drive thru.  If I go into the store close to our house I see the same cast of characters each and every morning.  Each one of us eager to part with our $4.15 or whatever the amount might be.  I can’t give up my chai.

And then there is a fountain Coke.  I don’t like cans, bottles or litres.  Coke from a fountain tastes so much better, so much sweeter and less carbonated than any other.  I love it but most days I don’t seek it out.  But still I can’t give up my fountain Coke.

My last must have drink is Bud Light.  I love Bud Light.  I love sitting on the deck on a Friday evening with a Bud Light – warm or cold.  I am an equal opportunity drinker of Bud Light.  Temperature does not matter.  It drives Justin crazy because when we are out I will order a porter or an interesting lager but when I want to truly relax after a crazy week nothing tastes better than a Bud Light.  I can’t give up my Bud Light.

I suppose I do have some bad habits and I do I drink every single one of my calories.

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