Road trips…

So as you may have read on facebook we have a broken hotel wall and Eva has a chipped tooth. We also saw a police standoff with a dozen policemen pointing their rifles towards the woods and a motorcycle towing a coffin. All of this was reminding me of a list of quotes that Justin kept on our trip to Orlando last year. Enjoy as I spend my weekend with Clark Griswold…..

Julie: Don’t bug your brother – he has enough issues.

Alex: Was that a burp? Julie: No it was throwup.

Julie: There’s an accident 5 miles ahead. Ethan: Somebody must have pee’d in their pants.

Ethan: I hate the holy land.

Alex: So waddya know – Wild Cows!!!

Amelia: where are my boingee shoes?

Ethan: look! Daddy and I have matching shorts! Julie: but daddy’s aren’t on backwards.

Alex: Amelia it’s not a lizard, but a wizard! Alex: is a wizard an animal? Amelia: I dunno.

Dad: Amelia, get in your carseat now, or I’ll put you in it myself. Eva: better do it Amelia, he did it to me once and it was horrible.

Ethan: I want to see Minnie Pooh.

Ethan (while at rainforest cafe): that gorilla doesn’t have a penis.

Dad: Alex, you can have gigis other burger, she hasn’t touced it (gigi sticking her finger in the burger) I touched it!!!

Julie: In the triathlon, you swim, bike, then run. Ethan: and then you hop like a frog?

Julie: I generally don’t judge my vacations by the number of alligators there are. (After a trip to gator land.)

Julie: I’ve never known anyone to actually look for corn nuts.

One comment on “Road trips…

  1. Lana on said:

    I love this! It inspires me to jot down some quotes from the girls. I’ll probably forget, in the midst of the momentary chaos, but inspired nonetheless :)

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