What I’ve learned in the last few days

I have had a very busy last few days.  On Friday morning we set out for my writing conference in Atlanta.  We returned on Sunday.  We drove over 1100 miles in less than 64 hours.  The Farley Family had a lot of together time.  After a crazy day on Monday (I will elaborate in a moment) Justin left for a business trip in Dallas.  He’ll be back tonight and for that I am happy.  I said a bunch of times last month that May was the new December and now I am wondering what the h*!ll June is because it is even busier!  So here is a little list of what I have learned in the last few days in no particular order.

1.  Sometimes a hotel may have a pool with a bar around it and other times, like this weekend, the bar may just have a pool at it.

2.  I found my role model – Emily Giffin.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.  Only problem is that we are the same age so I will have to let her age for awhile as I remain my forever age…39.  During her talk she said “There is a fine line between being unpublished and having a million books in print.”  And she is right.  A published writer and an unpublished writer do the exact same thing.  So from now on I will declare myself a writer on all of my forms(not that I fill out that many forms but still…).  I will stop saying that I write adult fiction because that has gotten me a lot of weird looks at the playground.

3.  One speaker reminded us to be interested and not just interesting.

4.  If your child faints at Robious Middle School, do not expect a phone call.  Next year on all of my kids emergency cards I will write “Please notify me if my child loses consciousness.”

5.  I learned that you must not assume that your husband will bury your casket.  Instead he may tow it around the country on his motorcycle.  Seriously South Carolina, isn’t there a law against that?

6.  Do less and create more meaning.  -Tammy Stokes

7.  An 11 year old boy will only go into dress shops if he is sure there will be an awesome meal at the end like a bison burger.  EWWWW!

8.  Dad’s are awesome tour guides.  Justin took four kids to the Georgia Aquarium, Coke Factory, CNN, putt-putt, Olympic Park and out to lunch all in 8 hours without any help.

9.  Alzheimers Disease is sad for the people watching it happen but not necessarily those  it is happening to.  Justin’s mama looks amazing and still radiates the same love she always has she just doesn’t know us.  She quickly made Alex realize he does need a haircut.  A point that we have been trying to make for months.

10.  I want to knit creativity through every moment.

11.  If you send your four year old to his room you must accompany him.  He may close the door and let you think he is in there but instead he may have closed and locked the door and stayed out in the hallway.

12.  I know what kind of book I am going to write.

13.  I love my family, even when they drive me crazy.

14.  My dad’s gift of the writing conference was one of the greatest and most inspiring gifts I have ever received.

These are just some of the things that come to mind.  I have pages of notes and ideas from this weekend.  I cannot wait to have some time to sit down and synthesize all of it.  But until then this list will have to do.  Cheers!


2 comments on “What I’ve learned in the last few days

  1. Gary Earnhart on said:

    I thought you might hav listed these things:
    Lighting bugs can be squished and still light up and don’t go out
    Frogs pee on you if held to tightly
    Flashlight held to your forehead will make spider’s eyes shine
    Twenty or so plastic blocks can be crammed down the back of your sister’s dress
    You can blow bubbles in the dark
    Uncle Gary’s house is fun

    • julfarley on said:

      I knew Uncle Gary’s house was fun! Wish we had more time for a longer visit. Thank you for everything. We love you guys!!

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