I’d rather clean toilets than….

I was reading an article today about the five most dreaded place to take your kids. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it so I decided to make my own list of the top 5 places that I never ever want to take my kids to again and the top 5 places that I LOVE to take my kids to. Here it goes….

I’d rather clean toilets than go to any of these places with my children:
5 – The Dollar Store – Yes, it is true every item is a dollar but there is nothing for me to look at and it usually smells funny. And then we spend the rest of the day crying about the broken dollar toy.
4 – Home Goods – Love the store but you can hardly move around in there and it is next to impossible to leave without breaking anything. And the line is enough to make you not want to go even if you are by yourself.
3 – Toys R US/Portapotty – no need to explain – right? I couldn’t really decide which was worse.
2 – The bead store – Again, no need to explain but I will – thousands of beads and forty little fingers.
1 – The OB/GYN – I’ve had to do it. Sometimes you don’t have a babysitter and it’s just not right to have your husband come home from work so you can go. But I will babysit for anyone in the 23113 zip code so that you do not have to bring your children. Especially if they have four year old twins!

I would always go to any of these places with my kids even instead of surfing the ‘net:
5 – Target – Who doesn’t love the $100 store? There is truly something for everyone and all of my Targets have a…
4 – Starbucks – My happy place. A nice cool drink, healthy drinks and snacks for the kids. It’s a perfect time out for all.
3 – The pool – I think I explained it pretty well here My really wet happy place.
2 – Anthropologie – Is there ever a bad way to go to Anthro even if you bring your dog or kids?
1 – Lisa’s house – Always comfy, always filled with goodies for all and no need to worry about what the kids do except I probably should worry about what the kids do but I feel so comfy I don’t.

Oops, I must go as Coco came into the family room with a baby bunny in her mouth…now I don’t even want to be in my family room with or without my kids. Forget about proofreading!

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