Writing and a little bit of preaching

Today I had an impromptu creative writing session for 9 neighborhood kids. I was energized before and after the class. I was really proud of some of the things the kids put together. I used some of my own lessons that I used two years ago when I taught creative writing at the Peter Paul Development Center in Richmond and I used some from the book Rip the Page. I want the kids to have fun with words and to just write. We always start out by writing for 5 minutes without a prompt and then we move into silly word play exercises and little writing activities. Teachers do not have the luxury of spending time on things like this in the classroom anymore with all the testing that needs to be completed. I firmly believe the creative exercises help the kids write their school essays.

Eva worked with us which was really fun because she was A LOT younger than the other kids. It was neat to watch her keep pace and to use her own creativity. One of the exercises was about showing and not telling so the kids had to describe a color without saying what color it was. Here is Eva’s:
It’s the color of blood inside you. It’s the color of the sea. Another name for it is aquamarine. It’s a color of gems. It’s the color of my birthstone.
I know I am a proud mama but I thought that was pretty good for a 7 year old….in the middle of summer! (One of my goals is to get the kids to use a writing instrument as other than signing in at the pool some may not use a pen or pencil for most of the summer!) Alex had a great description of his color as well:
13th place
A rusty mace
and a very old vase.
The answer is bronze. The other kids had great little descriptions too but I let them take them home so I can’t quote them now. Needless to say, it was a fun morning for me! Here are some pics – the twins joined in the fun as well.

Now onto a completely unrelated topic that was too long for a Facebook status update. There has been a joke floating around Facebook that implies that 256 million people would be happy if something awful happened to the President of the United States. I know it is a joke but I think making jokes about someone’s ultimate demise, especially our President, is not wise and really degrades us as a society. I know lots of people are not happy with the government and I am one of them but suggesting someone’s death would make us happy is not true or funny. We all have different views on politics. That’s what makes us such a great country. I have made it no secret that I am a Democrat but I would never wish anything awful to happen to a Republican. I need Republicans…without them I wouldn’t have any friends!

I was watching the Today Show while I worked out this morning and Matt Lauer was saying that we have lost all civility in this country. And I think he is right. Let’s agree to disagree and to add some civility to the debate. Who knows, maybe civility on Facebook will have a trickle up effect.

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