Jellyfish, lightning strikes and angry dead birds

So the Farleys are on vacation….you know what that means – time for an adventure! We drove down to Hilton Head Island yesterday by way of South of the Border. As a child my friend Susan had a South of the Border bumper sticker on her car and I always thought of it as some magical place. As an adult I have passed South of the Border numerous times on drives down 95. The signs make us chuckle in North Carolina. I just asked everyone if they could remember any of the signs and Alex reported that one said they have the best Mexican wieners….I think we can all agree that it did not say that. One did say “you never sausage a place.” Anyway, Justin stopped there and we actually ate there. Most of us only ate three bites. The restrooms were a treat. I walked in on some lady who decided not to lock the ancient doors. The kids were nervous because I was nervous and vigilant in a way that I never really am in our safe little world but South of the Border did not feel like a safe little place even with Pedro watching over us.

After that grand adventure we made it to our most fantastic house. We are a five minute bike ride to the beach. Well, five minutes if you don’t have six children, three bike trailers(one with three boogie boards, two chairs and a tent), and a tandem bike and a little 7 year old following behind the pack. We all trekked over to the beach this morning and with in five minutes the two big kids were stung by jellyfish. Alex spent the rest of the beach time with ice down his suit. Two more were stung after that and we decided it was sandcastle time. The kids were fine with that and spent the next few hours exploring and building.

We rode back to the house and promptly jumped in the pool and relaxed there until the thunder rolled in. Suzanne and I decided it was a good time to run out to the store to get all the items the guys forgot last night. When we got to the garage I noticed my book and Suzanne’s book were sitting in the rain on top of my car. I bought Suzanne a copy of my friends new book “Live Like a Fruit Fly” and I’m not sure if the book saved my life or tried to kill me.

As I reached for the book we heard a crackle and I felt heat and a strong tingle in my hand. Then we saw a big flash. Lightning crashed somewhere right around me. Suzanne and I screamed and I ran into the garage. Apparently the crash was so large it shook the pool table and Justin and Ryan came running down to the garage to make sure we were ok. I started crying because I was shaking and scared. We decided to take a breather before the store. My left index finger is still tingling and I am hoping I develop super powers before the sunsets.

So, we went to the store, grabbed a Starbucks and came home. While we were making dinner the kids screamed that there was a dead bird on the deck. Sure enough there was and it was clear the bird was a victim of the lightning as well. We found the tree that looks like it has a scorch mark on it. It was about 6 feet from where I was standing.

Now the kids are wearing meat tenderizer on all of there stings and I am nursing my tingly finger so please excuse any typos. I’m sure tomorrow will bring another set of adventures but hoping the three odd things that happened will make our luck change!




2 comments on “Jellyfish, lightning strikes and angry dead birds

  1. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    Holy Cow!! What a day! Well, one thing for sure is it’s a day you will never forget! The stories you can tell later…. I hope your fingers is ok and the kids jelly fish stings hurt less by now. I’ve been stung before, that is no fun. Almost struck by lightening…. incredible.

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