Greetings from a very shaky Richmond!

I live in Richmond and this has been an eventful day. Well, all my days turn out to be eventful with four kids and two dogs. But lately Mother Nature has been following me and I am not sure what she is trying to say.

My friend and I took 10 kids – ours plus 3 extras – to the James River today. It’s a pretty perfect outing and FREE! The twins and Eva jump around on the rocks and the big kids head down the rapids. Everyone is happy. We set up our perch about 20 feet from the bank and had a picnic lunch. After lunch I noticed my rock was shaking and I saw a Suburban out of the corner of my eye and yelled “That truck is shaking my rock!” I heard a loud noise kind of train like and thought it was a train crossing the tracks down by the river. No big deal. When you travel with 10 kids things shake.

Justin called and I missed the call but wasn’t able to call him back. Then the texts starting come into my phone and to Lisa’s. People were asking us if we were ok and then we started to wonder what we had missed while we were at the river. We quickly found out the rock I felt shaking was actually a 5.9 earthquake. Justin’s office building had been evacuated because of the earthquake. It all seemed surreal but in a week that found me struck by lightning I kind of figured anything was possible.

The scariest part was that we were on a rock in a river with 10 kids and we had no cell service. We received texts and sent a few but we had very limited contact. That’s something we aren’t used to. But, we were in a very safe place.

From what I have heard people are safe. Our earthquake was a scary moment for many but not devastating. And I am thankful for that because I will never forget the night my dad was at the baseball game in San Francisco and the big earthquake hit out there. So, I am going to hold my breath as Mother Nature sends me her next message in the form of a Hurricane….Irene.

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