I hear there’s a hurricane coming*

All my friends, neighbors and relatives are preparing for the arrival of Irene and since I live in an area that is going to be affected maybe I should be preparing too. But I’m not. I went to the movies with a girlfriend. I feel soooo guilty. I never go to the movies, especially not in the middle of the afternoon, before a natural disaster just because with a friend. I do it as frequently as I meet girlfriends for lunch…never. Now dinners and happy hours are a different story but you get the point – a movie in the afternoon was outside of my normal routine. Justin is going to run to the store for the essentials. Although, I’m not sure what the essentials are – alcohol in case we lose power and I am stuck in with four children and two dogs, ice to keep the alcohol cool, bread and peanut butter and jelly to feed the four children (I intend to drink my calories) and a large assortment of batteries. So, welcome Irene. You cannot be as bad as the movie I just saw….

I mentioned in an earlier blog that Suzanne and I read the incredible book One Day. We talked and talked about it and could not wait to see the movie. Since we are both about to start working (BTW,I am working!!), we decided it was now or never to see it. Never may have been a better idea. If you have not read the book you will not be able to sit through the movie. If you have read the book you will sit through the movie and hope it gets better. It doesn’t.

The premise of the book/movie is one that I love. It captures one day in the relationship of a man and a woman for twenty years. I don’t want to give anything away so I will leave out some salient details. In the book the characters are a necessary constant in each others’ lives and the movie didn’t portray it well. Dex and Em were each others rocks. They always came back to each other. I cried during the movie – you would have to be a rock not to – and I started to think about my life in the form the book used and I have been writing all afternoon. Writing and not preparing. Justin has just come home with all of the necessities and the rain is falling lightly. And now I know that the movie wasn’t a complete waste because it has inspired me. Inspired me to write for the last two and a half hours.

*I need to be careful with my blog titles. I get a report of the searches that lead people to my blog and one of them was hot pre teens. Guess the title Hot tubs, pre teens and hives put me in a new category.

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  1. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    I can see myself behaving the same way. I think it’s called denial? Ha! Not really, but well, I tend to not freak out over things I can’t control. Preparing is one thing, and that is good. Overreacting is another. I LOVE that you went to a movie instead! Sorry it wasn’t so great. I have not read the book but now I want to, although relationship books always make me cry. Won’t see the movie then. Hot pre-teens? Yikes! Janelle of Renegade Mothering recently did a hysterical post on Google searches for her blog, which is awesome btw. You should check it out. Keep writing and love the blog!

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