I spent way too much time dealing with bathrooms and bathroom issues today

Got up this morning and worked out…same old routine. When I came downstairs to let Coco out I could smell that her tummy problems had not improved. I cleaned out her crate and did a load of doggy laundry with the hottest water possible. Then I returned to the world of Farleys waking up one by one. Ethan is having some tummy problems as well and…I’m going to spare you those details. Gigs wouldn’t get out of bed until I went up and cuddled her which I did while Ethan and Eva fought over the last chocolate chip waffles (frozen of course!). I threw on a little summer dress and left to do some work for less than an hour. When I returned, I took off my teacher clothes and put on my short order cook apron(metaphorical apron mind you). The kids let me know that they wanted to do something. Something outside of the house since it seems my children live a life of constant entertainment. They decided on bowling and off we went. And just like I was happy when we left mini golf with all our teeth, I was thrilled to leave without any broken toes.

While we were there everyone had to go to the bathroom and I had to take them. So three visits at the bowling alley. Our next stop after a speed frame of bowling was to get the boys haircuts. The lady said there was a twenty minute wait so we ran over to Starbucks. (Bathroom run there too!) Twenty minutes later there was no sign that we would be serviced in the next hour so we left. We went to go find school shoes. I found the girls shoes at the first stop and Alex took Ethan to the bathroom for me because obviously the Farleys were checking out every public bathroom in Chesterfield County. We met my mom at Dick’s (Ugh…that word will lead to more weird searches) to find Alex’s shoes. Grandma took Gigs and Eva to the bathroom there. Ethan was on a search for black hi tops and size 11 hi tops are not easily found so we left for the mall. After trying on three different pairs with two different heights of black socks to match, he was happy. After a quick run through Chick Fil A for a refreshing snack and a Coke for mom, we had to high tail it home because now mommy realized she had had a venti chai and a coke and her bladder was ready to explode.

I’ve left out a lot of details and negotiations that go with a Farley outing. But let me assure you, there were many. So when I got home and found Coco had not soiled her crate I was ecstatic. I put her outside since it was a gorgeous day and did a whole bunch of worthless stuff. While I was doing the worthless stuff Justin came home. When I remembered Coco was outside I asked the kids to see where she was in the yard. Fortunately I saw her before Justin and was able to yell “Not it!” But I don’t think I really had to yell not it because if I work, take four kids bowling, buy four kids shoes, clean up crap and visit as many bathrooms as I did today I should not have to give the puppy a bath….even if she was my birthday present.

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