Labor of love

A birthday post a day late…

I remember planning and waiting.  I remember reading Goodnight Moon every night to him while he was in my tummy.  I remember having ideas or ideals that are shared by many first time parents and quickly giving them up when Alex arrived in the world.  I remember wishing he would sleep but still staring at his lashes when he closed his eyes. I remember writing down every word he said and telling him long, long stories.  I remember traveling all over New England – just the two of us.  I remember feeding his obsessions and even buying tickets to The Wiggles concert 150 miles away.  I remember crying and feeling lost on his first day of school.  It was all a labor of love.

I remember it all like it was yesterday.  And now I have wishes and I know so much more.  I know it was truly easier when they were babies and toddlers.  I know the dangers get bigger as they do.  I know that I aggravate him and I need to be thankful for all the time he wants to spend with me.  I know that he won’t break if he falls down the stairs – the wall might.  I know that he’s growing up and I can’t even stop it.  It’s still a labor of love.

I wish I knew how it would all turn out.  I wish that I could keep him under my wing.  I wish the 7th grade year would be easy – but I’ve heard that it’s not.  I wish I could take every hardship away.  But what I wish for more than anything is that he finds happiness…easily.





3 comments on “Labor of love

  1. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    Very sweet and lovingly written. It’s bitter sweet, their growing up. :(

    Thinking in My Head
    The Big Green Bowl

  2. nancy rappaport on said:

    I started writing my memoir ( after my first daughter was born. I had lost my mother to suicide when I was four years old and wanted my mother to be there to help me learn to love this precious girl in my arms.
    I do’t think happiness easily is what our children may find but we can give to our children, love , stability and joy and the scaffolding to grow
    Sincerely , Nancy Rappaport (

  3. Elizabeth on said:

    Whew…the troubles get bigger as they get older…it’s easier when they are babies and toddlers!! I’m scared!! ;) I have three boys ages 6, 4, and 20 months. Life is tough and beautiful simultaneously.
    Sometimes I want them to find happiness easily but lately I’ve been striving for “teach them to be strong and make the right choices because I won’t always be there to help them.”

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