Wah wah wah!

When Alex was in kindergarten we kept a jar of money on the counter. We said the money was his but we would take money out every time he whined. It worked wonders. The whining stopped almost immediately. I like to think it was our great parenting but more likely Alex reached a new stage in his development. The twins aren’t huge whiners…thank goodness! Eva can whine with the best of them. She has whined so much she used to say she wanted to have her party at a winery…obviously that was before she knew whining was bad and her parents were being sarcastic when we were talking about feeling like we lived in a winery.

Worse than kids whining? Adults! An adult whine is so much worse because it’s hidden. It’s not so much the tone of voice that defines an adult whine but the words. The complaints about how tough their life is. I like to think I use humor more than whining on my blog. (Please ask me for a penny if you hear me giving you a full fledged whine.) I guess part of me believes whining with humor is better than whining with self importance.

The bottomline is that we all lead busy lives. Some lives are made busier by facts and circumstances and others are made crazy by the person living the life. Your busy is different than my busy but it’s still busy. And all of us deserve a gold star for our juggling acts – it’s all part of being a parent.

whine – Complain in a feeble or petulant way (Add a little humor and it takes the whine away!)

Update: Here’s a quote that I just read in Whole Living. “Busyness can’t be equated with importance or meaning and it certainly can’t be conflates with happiness.”

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  1. Awesome! I’m not keen on whiners either. It does take a balancing act to work through life but living in a whinery is so not necessary!!

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