Back to school night is always fun!

Let me start off by saying I adore Eva’s teacher and it’s not just because I know she is reading this or because she is my Facebook friend.  It’s because she’s an awesome teacher who just happens to be my friend on Facebook and in real life and the fact that she reads my blog is a plus!  Anyway, the kids had a writing sample on the desk and I wanted to share Eva’s with you.

My Summer Vacation

I had a great summer.  When we went to Hilton Head Alex saw boys in the bathroom doing really bad things.  When we got in the car we were really close to the house but when we got there Alex and Lily and me played try to find the pillow but we could not find it so we played Xbox.  On the way home we saw a truck flip and three people died so we called 911. Alex looked but I covered my face. I had a great summer but I’m sad it’s over.

Really, this is what she remembered?  First of all, I am mad at Justin for making us go to South of the Border or should I call it the place where bad things happen in the bathroom? Second of all, Eva forgot tons of stuff! What about the lightning strike and the paddleboat crash and so much more!!! Or how about every fun moment in the pool or on the beach!?!?!? Ahhhhhh…..7 year olds! Can’t imagine what her Spring Break memories will be this year!

One comment on “Back to school night is always fun!

  1. Let’s not even worry about her Spring Break memories 15 years from now!!

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