To be or not to be….a twin

I don’t have a twin so I can’t imagine what it feels like to be one but I can tell you what I observed. Today was the first day Ethan and Gigi did anything apart from each other. Gigs has been asking to take an art class FOR-EVER so we signed her up for the ArtHaus enrichment program at Salisbury. Ethan did not want to do it. He has been trying to decide if he wanted to take karate lessons when he was 11 or 16 and has finally decided it’s ok for him to take them now at 4.

I think Ethan was more nervous about the separation than Gigi was. She was so excited to go off without any friends and work on becoming an artist. Ethan asked about 1000 times when Gigs was going to eat lunch and how we were going to pick her up – go inside or pick her up in carpool line. But Ethan and I had time alone and I am not sure that has ever happened. We went to Fresh Market and Sheetz…an exciting hour for sure.

So the twin thing is complicated. I cannot even imagine the bond that you have with someone you were in utero with. They finish each others sentences, bump heads constantly because they are doing the same thing at the same time and understand each other like no one else can. They didn’t do tons of twinspeak but Ethan changed Amelia’s name and now that is her chosen name. Nothing I can do for her can compare to what Ethan can give her and I am ok with that…I guess.


2 comments on “To be or not to be….a twin

  1. Julie O'Leary on said:

    Very sweet.

  2. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    My grandpa was a twin and he and his brother did everything together even into old age. They were extremely close and it was very touching. When my grandpa’s brother died before him, he went into a deep depression. It really is impossible to know the intensity of that bond unless you are a twin yourself (which I’m not either).

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