A tough decision

I had a tough decision to make this morning. I could sit around and whine (and therefore lose all my pennies to those who heard me)about all that I get to do by myself this week and because I can’t sleep because of this darn cough (no, Justin will tell you the Nyquil didn’t help!) or I could buck up. I only know one way to buck up and it involves going to my favorite place in Richmond….Anthropologie. So, I set my classroom up for tomorrow and did some work at school, ran my other errands, and went to Anthro. And boy, do I feel better. Now I am off to sneak a quick workout in with Coco and then back to get the twins. I cannot promise that I won’t have to make another tough decision while Justin is gone like I did this morning. But since my free time will be non existent it will be whining or shopping on the ‘net.

P.S. Yes I did go to Anthro looking just like that. And no I didn’t stick my tongue out or cross my eyes there. I promise I will shower sometime!

One comment on “A tough decision

  1. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    Good for you! When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. I like the photos. Yes, it’s hard when dh is gone and you have to be a single mom. I feel like that most of the time :(

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