Boys vs. Girls or Twin vs. Twin

The twins brought home these self portraits this week.

The differences are obvious and have cracked their 12 year old brother up. He’s even shared them with his friends and now look I am sharing them with my blogosphere! But after I thought and thought about it(because think about it I did!), I realized that it was a great visual reminder of how different not only girls and boys are but each of our children. Each of them is an individual. Here you have twins, born a minute apart that have spent every moment waking and asleep together up until last week and look at how different their pictures are from one another. I think it’s amazing but maybe that’s because I am a mama and a teacher.

2 comments on “Boys vs. Girls or Twin vs. Twin

  1. Awesome reminder of how different girls and boys are!

  2. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    Very cool. I’m glad you shared with us, it’s neat to see! As a preschool teacher, I am always fascinated by their artwork and what you can learn about the kids from it. Or not. Sometimes you just scratch your head…

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