I think it, I do it

I’m not really sure what I was thinking. Let me clarify that, everytime I actually start doing my project of the moment I ask myself why on earth I even wanted to do it in the first place. Tonight I felt that way as soon as I could smell the pumpkin pie playdough burning.

“Fabulous,” I thought “It will smell just like any pumpkin pie that I would ever attempt to make – burnt.”

The playdough survived – barely. I want my preschoolers to make little playdough pumpkins to take home so I thought making homemade dough that smelled and looked like pumpkin pie would make the experience more memorable for them…or maybe just more memorable for me. It was an unforgettable cooking experience. I’ve scorched a pan and dirtied every corner of the kitchen. My hands are tinted orange from the food coloring and I have emptied my kitchen and Lisa’s of salt and flour. I’m sure all this does not come as a surprise to those that know me well. I have had cooking issues for years. I have to prepare raw meat with a blindfold and gloves. But that’s not the point of this blog…

I am tackling teaching just like I do everything else in my life. I am going at it with reckless abandon. We finished up last week with three projects that I couldn’t fit in. Granted one of them was teaching my three year olds about the Russian painter Kandinsky. Really it was teaching them about circles and making them aware of a painter far, far away. We’ll get to it this week right after we make our playdough pumpkins, owl puppets to help us retell the story Owl Babies, finish our leaf scrapbooks, recognize our names and make paper bag pumpkins. Did I mention I only teach for 9 hours a week and there are only 6 left this week? I know, I am a little bit crazy.

But that’s how I do everything. When I was running I had to run a half marathon. I couldn’t just run around the neighborhood. I was smart enough not to undertake a full marathon. When I joined the PTA I decided to head up two committees instead of simply volunteering. It’s more than just a problem with saying no. I somehow can’t even say no to my own brain. I think it, I do it.

I’m the same way with my writing. Blogging (for 2 blogs too!) and working on two books at my own pace isn’t enough for some reason. I signed up for the crazy National Novel Writing Month and will spend the month of November trying to write 50,000 words. 50,000!?!?! See again, I am really not sure what or if I’m even thinking.  There isn’t a prize or glory at the end of any of these undertakings.  My mind just says “Go big or go home.” There’s simply a feeling I having accomplished something.

And I suppose I’ve internalized go big or go home so much that having single children was no longer enough…I had to have twins.

4 comments on “I think it, I do it

  1. Around here, we call what you have chutzpah! Good for you for doing things passionately and having a give it your all attitude! In a world where people are content to do the bare minimum, it’s refreshing to read there’s still a few good people left! :)

  2. If you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly!

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