things i like

things i like today 10/16/11….

i like the book i am reading so much – The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It is such a visual book. It appeals to my artsy side…do I have another side anyway? I am reading it slowly so I can devour every image. Here’s a line “The past stays on you the way powdered sugar stays on your fingers.”

i like pinterest. I cannot get enough of it! It has preschool projects, cool clothes, any idea you could possibly imagine! It is a time suck though in a big way.

i like my nanowrimo book. It’s a story about a mapmaker and a magician. It’s a love story set on the coast of Maine.

i like my new Toms. Black and olive green – may return one pair. Should I????

i like the song Lighters. Love it actually.

i like this picture I took at bunco. My friend was so excited to wear her new shirt that when she discovered the security tag on it she decided to wear it anyway! And yes, she does wear her pajamas to the bus stop. And yes, i like her regardless.

Friend's shirt with security tag on it

I don't think she is a shoplifter!

i really like this picture from this weekend. It makes all the time, money and miles that we are spending on baseball AND the braces worth it.

Alex smiling at baseball

i like his smile

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  1. LOVE it!!

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