This may gross you out

So, last night I had a hive…on my lower, lower back.  I wanted Justin to confirm it was a hive so I went to find him in the family room.  He was sitting with Alex on the couch and I quickly told Alex that unless he wanted to see  my butt he better close his eyes.  Alex quickly complied and Justin confirmed it was a hive.  (I am thinking about this because I have one on my hand and cheek right now.)  A few minutes later we were all watching Monday Night Football together and Alex said “What’s the difference between a mom and a dog?”  Justin glared at him and told him he better be careful with the answer.  I said I didn’t know and was then supplied with the answer.  One itches her butt and the other is a dog.  I think Justin is still laughing which made me decide that males must reach their peak in maturity at 12.  And that scares me….



4 comments on “This may gross you out

  1. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    Ha ha ha! That is actually a good joke….

  2. Alex@LateEnough on said:

    That’s clever — annoying for you and your itchy butt but I’m impressed. (You don’t have to tell him that though. Haha)

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