You and I

You and I

My I is part of your you even though for so many years it felt like my I was messing up your life.  I didn’t hold a fork right.  I didn’t have a hobby that was anything more than that of a frivolous teenage girl.  My I, me, was part of you and I didn’t deny it when people belittled you or questioned your motives.

You, part of me, started to like me but what you and I didn’t realize was that at the point that you decided I was likable and worthy to be part of you we had already passed your halfway point.  Suddenly the time of me being an afterthought to you would be greater than the time we would have together enjoying each other.

But then you needed me.  You needed the I you had helped create.  You needed what you ignored for so many years.  But now that you are gone and I am left here in this world without you I am finally realizing after all of these years that you too wished you had known me just a little bit better and a little bit more. And I think when you left me – a part of you, you were happy that I was me and that being me meant I was part of you.

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