In the dark

I just read a friend’s Facebook status. She said she loves running in the dark and I cannot agree more. You can see the moon and the stars and not worry about the sun or the heat. The world feels quiet. You can almost hear your feet hitting the pavement through the dull roar of your music. The colder the air the quieter the world.

But do you know what the best thing about running in the dark is? You can’t be seen. Well, let me rephrase that. Your reflective gear can be seen but you can’t. No one can see your imperfect form or shape. Your pace is undetectable. And your face bobs somewhere at the top of your body in the dark. You are anonymous.

And anonymity is something I love. I am connected – connected in every way possible by choice. People know what I do even if they don’t see me….because I tell them. But sometimes, just sometimes, it feels good to take on the world and the night all by yourself without any one knowing….

…..and then you can post it on Facebook after the fact because it’s fun to share something that felt so good.

One comment on “In the dark

  1. Wow! Your words are so well thought out and explain exactly how I feel when I run in the dark. Everyone thinks I am crazy when I leave the house. I am actually glad that it is getting dark earlier.

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