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I was reading a blog last night and at the very end of the post they asked if your parents ever got dressed up for Halloween.  Mine did not.  My mom always had the best candy on the block to hand out and created the best costumes for us – I was a homemade Statue of Liberty, box of Tide, Crayon, Phantom of the Opera, clown, Holly Hobbie…you get the point.  I have absolutely no memories of my dad and Halloween.  Well, that’s not true unfortunately I do have one.  He wanted to be at my house for Halloween last year.  I knew it wasn’t possible and as it turned out we spent the day before and the day after Halloween putting him on hospice.  But that’s not what this post is about…

Justin and I dress up for Halloween.  At least we have ever since we have moved into this neighborhood.

I have wondered if all this dressing up has an impact on my kids and I have my answer. Ethan asked if he could wear a skirt and when I said no he responded “Well, Daddy, Mr. Tim, and Mr. Shaun wear dresses!”
Yes Ethan, you are correct and this year that will be all different. Stay tuned….

2 comments on “Did your parents

  1. Tony Franco on said:

    hey, julie. just discovered your ramblings, uh, i mean your writings. i don’t get on facebook much and decided to click a link. the pictures of justin as a woman are quite disturbing but i’m now intriqued by what you all dressed as this year. any pics??

    i hope you all are doing great. you all certainly look great. take care.
    – tony and virginia

    • Hey Tony!! Great to hear from you! Our pics this year were not as exciting. We were a royal flush. I promised I would not place them on the internet so the men involved could keep their jobs in corporate America! :) Hope you guys are doing well! Wish you were closer. It would be fun to get our crazy broods together!!

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