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So the other day I was feeling blah. Really blah. The end of the writing marathon has left me in an interesting spot. It seems a deadline is the only thing that makes me work. Now, all of the sudden I find myself with a little bit of time on my hands and I can’t accomplish much. And the lack of achieving something – something towards my big personal goal – makes me feel blah. So while I was standing in the shower feeling really, really blah, I had some ideas.

First of all, I thought I would start an anonymous blog. I thought I could write about things anonymously that I may not want my students’ parents to know or my mom!! But I quickly realized that one of the gratifying things about having a blog is the comments or emails I receive thanking me for making someone feel better about some issue. Let’s be honest, most of the emails say things like “Thank you for making me feel like my life isn’t that crazy. Your life is WAY crazier than mine.” or “Wow, I thought I was having a bad day!” Whatever the comments may be they bring a sense of community and a sense of not being alone. And motherhood can have some lonely moments. An anonymous blog might undermine that sense of community.

I wanted to call the blog everygirl.com or everymom.com because just when you feel like no one else is like you… when you are the only mom with a child who has a biting problem and they have just bitten someone at the Children’s Museum….when you are the only mom who’s child has lice…when you are the only mom who stays in the bathroom a little longer than necessary feigning bowel issues just to have a moment of peace and quiet…when you are the only girl who just can’t lose that last five pounds or turn down a cranberry bliss bar…when you are the only mom who’s runaway cart filled with little people crashes into a senior citizen at Target…when you are the only mom who feels like crying in the shower at the same time that she feels so much love in her heart…just when you feel like no one else could possibly feel like you you are more like every mom or every girl in the world because we all feel this way. But we don’t always tell each other.

My ideas didn’t last that long though. When I got on to check the availability of the domain names I found out there was a waiting list for both of them. My anonymous blog was not in the stars. My overall blah feeling only lasted for my shower. I got out and went on some adventures with my favorite twins and all was well.

Just remember the next time that you feel like no other mom or girl feels like you do…you can be pretty certain that every girl and every mom has felt that way. Embrace it and smile at the other women in your life a little more…

13 comments on “Every girl, every mom

  1. Jodi Aman on said:

    You write beautifully, Julie! You are every and girl, every mom. That’s why you touch people and they write those emails. Basically. we all feel the same out there.

  2. memomuse on said:

    You are not Alone.
    We all feel that way; just nobody admits it. Being a mom is a strange thing as far as the things people talk about. I wrote my thesis about this subject. The veil of motherhood. The mask of motherhood.
    I thought about creating a blog too anonymously. I even titled it. But I can barely keep up with my own blog.

  3. memomuse on said:

    This is an essay about what you are talking about.

  4. Gretchen Seefried on said:

    You say it so well…After nearly 23 years of mothering, I know that hearing other moms’ stories is the key to surviving and thriving. Thanks for sharing your feelings- helps so much!

  5. Debra Farmer on said:

    So Great! Oh what a power is motherhood. [Euripides]

  6. Cindy Brumbaugh on said:

    So glad you didn’t go anonymous! Seeing there’s a post from Julie Farley on my FB wall always makes me smile! :)

  7. Michael Ann Riley on said:

    Very well-said, Julie. A couple of the blogs I like are written anonymously and it seems to work for them. Might be a way for you to vent the more gritty things! BUT, I do think you do a wonderful job here and hopefully it fulfills YOU as well.

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