Smelly Cat

Smelly Cat has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Other than the fact that I can’t get it out of my head and keep saying things like
Christmas break, Christmas break why are you so early?
or – I am about to send an email to a friend that will say
Taco night, taco night when will we do it?
I hope this is an affliction that doesn’t last the entire two weeks of break. Did I mention I am at home with the kids for TWO whole weeks? I have all kinds of ideas about fun winter/Christmas activities but the little ones are so excited about Christmas that it is hard to do anything. I think I may be developing a nervous tick from all of the loud voices.

Grandma was determined to get us all to her club to have breakfast with Santa. Of course, Ethan felt yucky yesterday morning and proceeded to throw up in the car. I held my breath while he sat on Santa’s knee as I was afraid he would throw up again. And I planned an escape route from our table should he start to get sick. I also explained that he should duck his head down and put a napkin over his mouth if he needed to. Grandma carried a dish towel in her purse just in case. Why did we bother you ask? Simple, how can you miss a Santa brunch that a four year old has been anxiously awaiting for the last few weeks?!? You can’t. And fortunately, we made it through brunch without out any other unwanted bodily fluids.

Me and my girls

Today my kids have played and played and played and fought and fought and fought. Ethan told Alex to get a life. I couldn’t help laughing because it sounded so funny coming from his little mouth. And Alex has taken to calling Ethan Phyllis and it drives him batty. In between the bickering, we made homemade marshmallows together – YUMMMMM! So good! I cannot believe I was the ringleader and main baker on this one. I did learn there is a fine line between toasted coconut and burnt coconut. The marshmallows do have to sit overnight and anything is possible in this house especially if it involves me and also involves cooking. I’ll give you an update tomorrow. Till then…enjoy a video!
Smelly Cat

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