I read my horoscope every morning. First thing. The horoscope I read gives me a mantra for the day, something to think about. Many days it helps me set an intention. I love the Elle horoscope app for my iPad and my iPhone. Today my horoscope said I will have digestion issues tomorrow. How random is that? It is so out of character for the type of things this horoscope usually says. Tomorrow we are taking a day trip to see my college roommate, Stacey and her family. I’m wondering if I should fast, buy some pepto bismol or bring some extra clothes?!? It feels more like a horrorscope instead!

The Astrotwins write the horoscopes for Elle. Their website is awesome. I particularly like the artwork for each of the signs. They are smart and creative girls…just my style.

When Jenni and I went to Mo the Psychic, she told me I needed to read tarot cards. Faithful readers (:)) know that I went to a tarot reader in November and tarot cards have a role in my upcoming novel. (wow, saying upcoming novel is fun!). Anyway, I have been reading my cards on and off to try and get a feel for them. It’s so much fun. Like my horoscope, they give me a mantra, vision or insight for the day.

Today I drew the high priestess. This card means (to me) that I have some potential that is waiting to be fulfilled…my writing. It also says there are secrets to be revealed…in my writing. And wisdom to be gained…from my writing. I think I love the high priestess! Maybe I will accomplish some editing this weekend…if my digestive system doesn’t intervene!


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  1. Michael Ann on said:

    Thanks for the great website tip! I love astrology and horoscopes and all that. I like the DailyOm. com daily horoscopes as well. More like just general life advice! I signed up for the horoscopes on Astro Twins. Very cool. I thought the year ahead horoscope sounded pretty probable!

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