Rehab Part II

Demi Moore is headed off to rehab to beat exhaustion. Exhaustion…really?!?!? I am sure most of us feel exhausted sometimes but I am equally sure that’s not why Demi Moore is headed to rehab. When I heard the latest about Demi last night I was feeling sorry for myself since I have an extremely busy week and Justin has another business trip. I’m not sure how he managed to work for Capital One for so long with very few trips and now all of the sudden when we have 4 kids in all kinds of activities and I am working he has to travel. Suspicious wouldn’t you say?? Rehab and a hot tub could easily become my best friends this week which made me think about my old post about rehab… So here you go, if you didn’t read it in July I will give you another chance!

So, I was procrastinating today and instead of putting all the laundry away I snuck a peek at and noticed that Eric Dane, McSteamy, is heading to rehab but will apparently report to work next week on Grey’s Anatomy. The article went on to say that he is addicted to painkillers that were prescribed to him for a sports injury. Just another star heading to the illustrious rehab. In my mind, I imagine the rehab facility has fluffy white beds and big windows that have long gauzy curtains on them. There is probably a bell on the night stand that you can ring whenever you are having the urge to take whatever you are addicted to. All the ‘addicts’ meet on the patio for ‘group therapy’ and enjoy a nice cold beverage. The only responsibility you have in rehab is to not do whatever your there for – no laundry, no mac-n-cheese making, no face and bottom wiping. Sorry I got lost there obviously that would be my rehab – the Hollywood rehab-ers are free of those duties anyway. Rehab sounds marvelous! I am sure I am technically addicted to something. Maybe some sort of caffeine or tortilla chips or french fries…Oh I know – the internet and electronic devices! But if my rehab could be just how I imagined, I am able and willing to pick up a bad habit or two for a little stay. I think all moms (especially moms of four) deserve a stint in rehab. It seems seriously lame that the Hollywood and political crowd gets to go. If you send an inappropriate text you go to rehab. How do they rehab that? Maybe there’s a rehab for moms who get tired of people talking to them around 5pm every night. Or for moms who sometimes want to hang out in the bathroom a little longer than necessary. As I am rereading this I realize that I sound like a mom, of four, who is spending A LOT of quality time with her kids. Today we went to Target, marble painted, fused beads and ate a lot of meals. Instead of rehab maybe I just need kids who can reach and pour their own drinks. But, if I was in rehab I wouldn’t have heard Ethan ask if he was going to be a better singer because he got singed by a bee or listened to Gigs wonder about only eating a frogs legs or heard a thoughtful conversation about humans being animals that wear clothes and why horses wear shoes. And I would have missed the iHamster videos the girls made. Rehab sometimes sounds peaceful and idyllic but in a crazy way so is my life.

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