Downton and Me

I was late to arrive to the Downton party.  I resisted for some reason.  Possibly because several people told me I couldn’t just start watching mid – season.  I was told I needed to watch Season 1 first.  I took it as an insult to my intelligence.  I thought, “Surely, I am smart enough to catch on to a television show.”  I purchased Season 1 – I had to go to three Targets to find it – and hunkered down with Justin to watch it one cold February weekend.  It was love at first watch.  I realized that people wanted me to watch the first season not because I was too dumb to catch on but because it was too priceless to miss.

I’ve decided I want to live at Downton.  Not because of the ginourmous house fabulously furnished and staffed with England’s finest.  Not because of the fabulous grounds and English gardens.  Not because of Mary and Sybil’s beautiful clothes. 

Not because of the plush beds that are made and unmade for them each night.  Not because of Matthew…well, maybe a little because of Matthew. 


I want to live at Downton because Mary doesn’t have email.  She doesn’t have a cellphone.  No Facebook or Twitter account.  Mary can’t begin to imagine how to Google something.  Mary can’t text.  She doesn’t get lost in Pinterest for hours at a time.

And this is a good thing…especially for Mary.  But it would be a good thing for me.  Easy you say?  Give it all up?  Stay off electronics.  I can’t.  I’m not wired that way.  I am wired to check my email and Facebook and to blog about random things.  I am obliged to check Pinterest for lesson plan ideas even when I have too many.  And I’m not wired to give things up.

I seem to have very little willpower.  Give up chai?  That worked for a few days.  Give up coke (the soda!) …well that did work.  Haven’t had it in weeks.  Be a vegan because it makes me feel better.  Great…until I have the opportunity to get a gyro.

If I lived in Downton I would live more in the present moment and not the present e-moment.  Simply because I wouldn’t have a choice.  Willpower wouldn’t have to figure in.  Oh I know that if Mary lived now (and if she was a real person) she would be as attached as I am.  Violet would be the Perez Hilton of the Downton set.  Sybil would probably be a political blogger and Edith would be running a cooperative farm via the internet.

Sometimes disappearing from the little e-world I have created is so appealing.  But e-Julie is bolder.  She’s made more friends and created stronger friendships.  She’s inspired and smarter because of the ‘net.  And she’s even more creative because of it.

So maybe a weekend vacation to the era of Downton and a lifelong stay in the ginormous house!


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