Deep thoughts in Disney

I have not been a faithful blog writer lately.  My posts have really slowed down.  Part of my problem is that I am striving to be original and not repetitive.  I kind of figure if I don’t want to write it you won’t want to read it.  But that being said….I simply need to write more.  So here it goes…

Before I left for Disney, I was the lucky recipient of a few gifts from Justin.  The gifts made me feel so guilty and I really felt undeserving so I didn’t even open them until midnight that night.   (And then I proceeded to change my Facebook status to say “sometimes I forget what a lucky girl I am.” Four hours after declaring myself lucky I woke up with a blazing sore throat and a terrible stomach bug that lasted for much of our drive to Florida and into Sunday night.  Remind me never to declare myself lucky! I didn’t feel luck because of my gifts but because of all the love, opportunity and good fortune that surrounds me.) I’m not sure why I feel undeserving.  I feel that way about some birthday things that are being planned too.  It just seems to be my nature kind of like my Catholic guilt.

But a very wise grasshopper has been giving me advice lately.  The grasshopper is not even aware of how timely the advice is.  She’s been telling me to be gracious.  Just simply say thank you.  And it is so hard for me not to question my worth and the givers intentions.  But my mind makes me tired and sometimes unhappy and being gracious is easier in so many ways.   The grasshopper’s words are no different than words I have heard before it’s just that this time I heard them in relation my life…my real, actual day to day life.  And that seemed to make all the difference.

I have said thank you to Justin and I still feel a little bit guilty but mostly I feel gracious.  I’m sure not going to brag about being a lucky girl again since the universe jolted me back in my place.  Seriously, how many people are lucky enough to get a stomach virus and raging sore throat the day they are driving to Florida with four kids?  I do always say if you want to experience the very good, you have to have the very bad too.

Well, I am off and have no plans to proofread as I need to pick out bright (don’t ask!) clothes for four children and myself as we plan to be on our way to the Magic Kingdom by 7:15 tomorrow….stay tuned for my real Disney blog about all of our adventures.

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