What I meant to do in April

It came to my attention that tomorrow is the last day of April.  I’m not quite sure that happened.  Don’t know how the month slipped away from me.  Because I had every intention of celebrating poetry during National Poetry Month.  I intended to share poetry with my little preschoolers and my own kids.  I planned on reading all of Mary Oliver’s beautiful words.  I wanted to write my own poetry.  I wanted to explore words.  But I didn’t and I suppose I still can.

Since I ran out of time I went to a favorite website, bentlily.  There is an instapoem prompt.  How perfect I thought!  I needed to write a poem…instantly.  So here it is…

It was the day we laughed so hard
we made the tulips bloom

I was three
it was sunny

we were running like seahorses
a game of kickball
happiness all balled up in our toes
shooting out of us in shrieks and bellows

I’m an owl
she declared

and I decided I was too

a witty owl
with nothing to do
but chase the wind

they say it whips you in the face
but this isn’t how it works
if you run hard enough
the wind bores right into you

I don’t remember anything else
except the smell of the pool
sweet as a creamsicle

the wind carried the rest away.

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