I used to love…

I used to love Ellios’ pizza and boys who smelled like Drakkar.
I used to love Silver City Pink lipstick and watching Santa Barbara.
I used to love playing Pac-Man and wearing white Capezios.
I used to love jeans with designs on the pockets.
I used to love eating Cheez Whiz.
I used to love collecting stickers, writing poetry in a tiny journal and listening to the same song over and over again.
I used to love reading Judy Blume books way past my bedtime.
I used to love daydreaming while I gazed out my bedroom window.
I used to love McDonalds.
And now…
I love Mellow Mushroom Pizza and boys that don’t smell.
I love Coconut Oil Lip Balm and watching Downton Abbey.
I love playing little kids games and wearing my Ugg slippers all day.
I love wearing yoga pants with no pockets at all.
I still love eating Cheez Whiz.
I love collecting journals and writing poems, words and stories of all sizes in each one.
I love making my favorite songs my ringtone after I have listened to them over and over again.
I love reading 50 Shades of Grey way past my bedtime.
I love daydreaming as I gaze out the window of my minivan.
I love vegan food now…except when I really need I cheeseburger…then I still love McDonalds.

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