Dark, dark world of Julie

My dark world is a cynical one.  A cynical world that knows that once you remove the sugarcoating from the words there is insincerity and not always integrity.  I can feel the daggers that are launched in the guise of sweetness.  I can feel the feelings and energy that were intended.  I am a knower of truth and a reader of souls.

But sometimes behind the fake tans and polished nails, I find a heart that is true and pure.  A heart that is ready to share its truth.  A soul that recognizes a mate and opens itself to me.

My soul and my heart do cartwheels when they make a friend.  And right now, at this very moment in my life, I am giving myself more chances to smile as I throw up my shield and deflect the words mixed with sugar and poison from entering my heart.

I prefer flames filled with truth and gymnastics meets for my heart.

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