Goldilocks GO AWAY!

I think Goldilocks is living in my house.  Well, at least I hope it’s Goldilocks because the alternatives are much worse. So here’s the story…

On Thursday I came home from work and found the garage door  and the laundry room door open.  Coco was in her crate and Chip was roaming the house as usual.  I figured the kids left them open in the morning and with all the craziness trying to get out the door and everyone to their places we just forgot to close them.  There was an empty container of Oreos on the grass which was  a bit curious but certainly not out of the realm of what’s possible at our house.  When I went to do the breakfast dishes there was an empty bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the sink.  Odd because I don’t drink it but we did have a party last weekend and it could have been a leftover that someone found and put in the sink.  But the only someones that would put it in the sink are Justin or me and we did not.

The next day  I went to put on my day cream but it was missing.  It usually sits right next to the eye cream pump on my counter next to my sink.  I never move it.  I use them at the same time each and every day.  I questioned the kids and looked for it everywhere to no avail.

That night after I came home from Bunco, I washed my face with my cleanser and used my Clarisonic and went to put my night cream on my neck and found it was missing.  It sits right next to my other products.  Again, I never move it.

Justin and Alex went to play to an away tournament all weekend and I spent the weekend alone with the three little guys.  I had my trusty friend at the ready to rescue me from Goldilocks if necessary.  But I was fine.  Until last night!  I went to take a bath and while the water was running I went to wash my face and my cleanser was gone.  I freaked out.  Justin was home and I made him check all the scary closets in the house.  I even made him go into the air conditioning closet thingy on the third floor.  I went into every drawer in the kids’ rooms and looked through every bathroom.  Nothing!  (Although, I did get a tip during the day that Ethan is hoarding coins and I found all of them.)

Justin decided this morning as I was in complete freak out mode, that he is going to set up a spy camera on the iPhone so we can see what’s happening.  But I happen to be home alone this morning and the spy phone is not set up yet.  I have the phone next to me just in case I need to call for back up.  I left Coco out of her crate when I left earlier and made sure all the doors were locked.  I showered while Justin was still home because I was too afraid to shower in my empty house.  I do have to go upstairs and get changed for a luncheon shortly and I am hoping I survive it.

The way I see it there are only a few things that could be going on.  The kids are afraid to go upstairs without me so I don’t think it is one of them.  And plus I have offered rewards to find it so I think they would turn it over.  If someone is coming in and playing a joke it’s not funny and really random.  Certainly there is a better joke to play??? I don’t think it could be a real burglar because my new iPad is worth more than my Re9 Arbonne face stuff. (Well, they are closer in price than I would like to believe!) I am wondering if we have a ghost.  I haven’t said it to the kids because I really don’t want all four of them sleeping in the bed with us but maybe it’s a ghost trying to tell me that my skincare rituals are too complicated.  The last possibility is that I have lost my mind and have put them somewhere.  My life is chaotic and messy but Justin always marvels at how I am able to whip something out of a pile of crap.  I know where everything is..EVERYTHING!  I have a fabulous memory. A bit photographic as well.  I can trace my every last step.  Which is good because it helped me find my phone that I left inside of a shoebox at Target today.  (UGH! Maybe I am losing my mind!)

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next or where I find it all.  Until then, the Farley house is locked up tight and has all kinds of booby traps so beware! (ND friends remember the booby trap that Jenny and I built at Lafayette Square?  We put a bed of nails at the bottom of the window wells outside our bedrooms to deter bad guys.  It worked because we were one of the few apartments that wasn’t robbed.)

5 comments on “Goldilocks GO AWAY!

  1. Mimi on said:

    You have the spirit of a little girl in your home. I’m a psychic/medium and picked up on the little girl as soon as I started reading your post. She’s roughly 9 years old and wearing modern day clothing. She’s not trying to scare you, she’s trying to get your attention. As for your children, they shouldn’t be afraid to go upstairs as there is no danger to them. If you need more information, feel free to email me: I also don’t charge to help. I’ve been a medium for 29 years (since age 15) so I’ve been talking with the deceased for quite some time. My house actually has 9 spirits in it, 3 of them are my children that have passed on.

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  3. Tina on said:

    Julie! WOW… Mimi has such calmness and conviction, that I somehow feel you have to just let go and believe her. I have always been a big believer in angels (particularly guardian angels) and somehow believed that they always stayed the same age that they were when they died (so they are actually ghosts/spirits). Instead of finding it freaky, I found it comforting. Her later note to you is even more compelling. Keep us posted. At least the little girl has good taste in skincare but if you need any Lancome I have some samples you can have, I’ll leave them in your box tomorrow- no guarantee that they will stick around!

    • admin on said:

      I’m trying to take it all in. I believe in angels as well. I definitely believe there is a message in all this. I guess I’m just not quite sure what it is yet!!

    • Mimi on said:

      Hi Tina! Thank you for your kind words. I too believe in angels, but there are other protectors out there, such as spirit guides. Spirit guides were once humans, who have lived out all of their lives that were required, once they did this, they got the chance to become someone’s spirit guide. They are not to be confused with angels or guardian angels, angels were never human, spirit guides were. Also, spirit guides tend to have a sense of human, such as my main spirit guide Clarence. Also, everyone is born with a spirit guide, and that guide stays with you for your lifetime, but as life throws it’s curve balls, you will get other guides that come in and out of your life, they could be with you for 2 weeks or they could be with you for years – just depends on how long you need their assistance. I currently have 5 spirit guides that I work with, but Clarence is my main guy. As for angels, as I said, they were never human and have no sex identification or age. They are a higher vibrational energy, but very easy to tap into when you need them. If you have more questions or if you would like to get in touch with your guide, you can look me up and I’d be happy to help you out. You can find me at:

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