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I am sending a virtual shout out to a friend that is not near miles wise but a friend that I am thinking about and is so close to my heart.  So I got out my yearbook on a night that I feel like the quintessential suburban mom in her white shorts and v neck t shirt (a mom that I never thought I would be like)  and I looked  at what I had written under my senior picture.   This is what it said 22 years (really 22 year since we graduated!?!?!) later and, unfortunately, I forget what some of  it means.

Julie Schaarsmith


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.   (A quote that I have only begun to believe in recent years.)

Breakthroughs: Family, Caryn, Sue, SB, GD, MJ, J9, CP, RC, AJ, F,MM2, C3, swings, beach, coconuts, Poconos, RODWP, Sting, EJ, BOD, Salt, Erie, Eisenhower Park, Hawaii, Florida, California, tacos, SDPC, breakfast crew, love, happiness, Billy Joel, the tree.

Disasters: emotional maturity, poster child, Dynamo 2, tubing, bacon, the nite 1&2, 4:50 am, fights, 7am drivers ed, questions, Ithaca, cowbrow

Destiny: To be a pirate ship in search of hidden gold. (Fabulous quote that I still completely agree is my destiny!)

I know what a lot of it means.  I know who the important people in my life were.

I know that Caryn and I loved to swing on the swings and solve the problems of the world.  (And I am sending her a really big swing right now.)

I remember our bike ride to Eisenhower Park and the exhaustion afterwards.  I remember the Poconos and going to see the movie Top Gun and singing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” all the way back to the cabin.

I remember Better off Dead (BOD) and taco nights galore.  And I remember the tree that Susan and I spelled so many things out in.  I remember the Elton John concert  that was before cellphones and worried our dads to pieces. I remember the subsequent Billy Joel concerts that somehow we were allowed to go to.

I remember the torturous tubing ride down the Delaware river.  I remember acting like a piece of fried bacon.  And of course I remember getting stranded in Ithaca with Caryn.

But I do not know what F, MM2 means or C3.  I have no idea what I was trying to recall with RODWP.  I don’t know what the initials SDPC mean.  And I do not know what it means to have Dynamo 2 as a disaster.  Or even 4:50 am for that matter…

And I am scared as I make new memories that I won’t remember what they mean.  The only thing that I know how to do is write…(it has been determined tonight that my oral skills do not match my writing skills) and I only want to remember.

And I worry that before I knew that I could write I forgot to remember.  So help me if you can fill in the blanks.  Help me remember what I was.

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