Left you hanging…

This time of year is busy.  I could whine for paragraphs about all I am doing and have to do this week.  I did whine to several of you today.  And for that I apologize.

I left you hanging though with regards to my missing items.  I have not found them.  The house has been cleaned by a professional and she did not find them…nor did she find the juice stain on the floor the twins left for her.  Nothing else has gone missing except a 4 pack of jalapeno plants.  I kind of think a deer or a squirrel ran off with those. A friend’s sister is a psychic and she didn’t feel a presence in the house.  But I know different people feel or see different things so I’m not sure who or what to believe.  Maybe she was gone by the time the second psychic got involved…who knows.  My closet light did go on by itself the other night but it clearly has an electrical issue.  I have to flip the switch approximately 25 times before it will even go on.  I am not entirely surprised that it can go on by itself. The case of the missing face cream is still alive and I learned that my readers love a good mystery…and a good ghost story.

I also left you hanging with regards to my facial peel.  I know you are on the edge of your seats wondering how it turned out!  I don’t have a big reveal yet as I am still peeling and kind of red.  The peeling got pretty bad.  Alex didn’t want me to go out in public.  Lisa grabbed some big pieces of my skin at various times to save me from ridicule and I earned some new nicknames.  My skin feels soft but I really need to look at my before and after picture to see if there is any improvement.  I’m hoping the redness will calm down before I do that.  I have been staying out of the sun and following all of the directions I was given to a T.  Stay tuned for the final shot of my new skin but in the meantime here is another peeling picture.

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