Life lessons

I learned a lot this week. I learned a lot of lessons that I will always carry with me.

I learned (and was reminded) that there is no I in team. It takes every single person to achieve success.

I learned that central air is not to be taken for granted.

I learned that expectations are best kept low and then you will never be disappointed. I learned that some things will exceed your wildest expectations and you will miss them when they are gone.

I learned that kids always know the truth and know right from wrong.

I learned (and was reminded) that relationships are energized and not dragged down when you spend time together.

I learned that well water makes my hair have more body.

I learned that you can’t count a team out even when they are behind 8-0.

I learned that kids are resilient.

But most importantly, I was taught a lesson by a wise 12 year old. We were standing in Subway and he told me that we are all supposed to be our own heroes and that he only wants the chance to be just that. And I thought about my week and all of the amazing catches, homeruns and game winning plays I saw. And all of the opportunities the boys had to be their own hero. And I thought about the courageous 42 pound 8 year old who has kayaked next to me each morning and evening battling the current and wind and then asked me if kayaking was an Olympic sport. She clearly wants to be her own hero. I want to be the parent, aunt and role model that gives young people the opportunity to be a hero. I want to help them build their dreams. I want to remind them that we are constantly living our dreams. I want to be a dream catcher and not a dream breaker. I want them to know we don’t always catch the dream on the first try. I want them to know that they have to keep chasing the dream in order to catch it. And sometimes…well really, most of the time, chasing the dream is the most important.

One comment on “Life lessons

  1. Michael Ann on said:

    Wonderful lessons for all of us !

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