If they come knocking

I have three crushes. My kids can rattle them off. They know that if one of these guys asks me out I will say yes. Justin knows too. He’s ok with it. Alex has known since he could speak that Sting is my number 1 crush. (And I cannot believe he was not part of the Opening Ceremonies! Seriously England, he is a bigger asset than Sir Paul!) I could go on and on about Sting and the role he has had in my life but that’s a post for another day.

More recently, I have realized that I heart Adam Levine. He is fabulous and I get the impression he is smart and sensitive and i know he is easy on the eyes. My kids are tired of listening to Payphone on repeat in the car. I’ve even written an Adam Levine type character into my book. He’s the prince on the white horse of course. I cannot get enough of him.

Last night I decided that David Beckham is easy on the eyes as well. I’m not sure I have a full on crush on him but a girl has to have options. I guess I have a thing for sleeve tattoos.

Anyway, I’m thinking about this tonight because we just drove home and I forced the kids Ot listen to Payphone twice. Gigs told me I was the worst mother in the world and I had to turn up the volume to cover her protests. Not only do I love listening to Adam Levine, I love the lyrics in that song. The idea of questioning happy ever after speaks to me.

I couldn’t sleep last night and got in to the tub at 12:15. I thought about how different my life is than I ever could have imagined. The happy ever after I thought I was seeking 20 years ago is different than what I have. I have so many things in my life that I shunned for a long time…. I.e. minivan and house in the ‘burbs. My happily ever after is simpler than I ever could have imagined and I am living it right now. It has wild and crazy teenaged boys, silly 8 year olds and bold and daring 5 years olds. It doesn’t have men that serenade me or whisk me away to tropical isles but ones that know my favorite yogurt and bring home the leftover movie popcorn. So if Sting, Adam or David find themselves in my neck of the woods they will have to compete because winning my heart is about more than the best sleeve tattoo. The key to winning may be as simple as bringing me a fountain coke over a can of coke.

2 comments on “If they come knocking

  1. Michael Ann on said:

    Oh…you have great taste in men :-) All three actually have the same type of look. Angular, edgy…. But love a sensitive and deep-thinking man :-) I love that your kids know you have “crushes” and that your husband humors you about them too!

    My crush has always been John Stamos….. :-)

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